Featured Service - College Funding

The Sims Financial Group, Inc is partnering with SAGE Scholars, an education funding consulting firm. This partnership will integrate the Tuition Rewards Program to form a college funding plan that will enable families across the United States to earn scholarships while funding college costs using life insurance.

Whether it's Parents or Grandparents saving for college education, this unique partnership will guarantee scholarships to over 280 participating private colleges across the Unites States. Earning college scholarships, while funding a college savings plan, is a unique way to bring together families, colleges, and life insurance professionals.

The Tuition Rewards, which are actually discounts off tuition and not "hard" dollars, are provided by each of the participating private colleges and represent the minimum scholarship that sponsored students will receive if, and when, they attend a member school. The Tuition Rewards Program guarantees that each student will receive a discount equal to his or her Tuition Rewards (maximum scholarship is a one year's tuition). In return, participating colleges are given basic educational/demographic information about enrolled participants in grades 9 - 12. Students and colleges are urged to begin a dialogue to determine a possible "fit" between the two. This process broadens the families' educational opportunities and helps make a quality private education affordable.

Families spend far too much time and money trying to make the college planning puzzle fit together. Our partnership with SAGE Scholars will make it easier for families to save for college using life insurance, and provide an incredible opportunity to earn a scholarship at an established private college. This program will revolutionize the way families view saving for their child's education."

SAGE was founded in 1996 by Dr. James Johnston, the former Head of Admissions and Financial Aid, with Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. SAGE's Tuition Rewards Program is now the largest private college savings program in America, based on the number of participating students. The partnership with The Sims Financial Group, Inc. gives families the opportunity to use various financial products to fund college. This is a unique approach that takes the variable guessing out of college funding.

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